FBT is a tax you pay on most non-cash benefits you provide to your employees.

If you're an employer and you provide benefits to your employees other than their salary or wage and certain exemptions, you might need to pay FBT.

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Specific situations applied to each rules

Some business-related entertainment expenses might look as though they are only 50% deductible, but specific rules mean you may be able to claim 100% of the expense. 

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Being Organised

The best way to manage your FBT payments is to remain organised. A system such as Xero can aid you in managing your obligations.

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Free 30 mins online consulting  

TIME is the one resource you can never get back and therefore is the most valuable. It may be taking less time managing the tax compliance on your business or additional time to spend in retirement by reaching your goals sooner.

Giving our clients the freedom to choose

XO Accounting has office throughout Australia and New Zealand where we services clients from across the globe.

At XO Accounting our focus is on you the client and providing you the freedom to choose.  What does that mean, you may ask? Well it means exactly that, the answer will be different to each and every client.  It could mean how you want to grow your business, how you want to retire, what type of lifestyle do you want to live now and into the future and importantly what assistance do you need in making it happen.

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